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Multimodal Carriage of Heavy, Bulky, and Self-propelled Units

   Safe and prompt delivery of goods is not always possible by using only one means/mode of transport. A combined usage of sea, rail, and road transport is known as a multimodal carriage.

   Arrangement and performance of multimodal transport of heavy, bulky, and self -propelled cargo units is one of our activities. This kind of transport is provided for by the company’s experienced staff members, which requires coordinated work and close control on their behalf.

   Ro-ro and ro-pax ships are most suitable for the carriage of self-propelled, heavy, and bulky unit loads in terms of the “cost/time” equation. Therefore, based on the experience of cooperation with sea and ocean lines as well as good knowledge of the routes, we provide a prompt and cost effective delivery of goods by combination of sea and land transport.

   Our regular partners, long-term contracts made both in Russia and abroad, as well as the experience gained permit us to choose optimal transport schemes in order to perform any kind of carriage.

   We suggest complex decisions; take into account all the requirements by respective services regulating carriages in different countries of the world and provide for security of goods in transit. Our staff members do their best to promptly process necessary papers and settle legal formalities while cargoes are on route to destination.