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News - 2019

december 2019. Export of Liebherr LTM 1130 crane from Saint-Petersburg to Germany, intra-port forwarding, survey report,

november 2019.
Transportation of 97tn transformer from Saint-Petersburg to Lubeck, transshipment onto barge for delivery to the Czech Republic (Carnet Ata). Then return voyage to port of Saint-Petersburg.

october 2019. Temporary export shipment of Ferrari F430 from Saint-Petersburg to Mumbai, India.

august 2019. Searching for CAT 525C skidder for our clients, inspection, pre-delivery service, transportation from USA to Saint-Petersburg, customs clearance, on-carriage to Nizhnevartovsk.

june 2019. Shipment of Moskvich 401 (1970y) from Saint-Petersburg to Germany.

may 2019. Full support in buying pile driver "The Ultimate Post Driver 4", transportation from Ireland to Saint-Petersburg, intra-port forwarding, customs clearance.

march 2019. Full support in buying forklift truck Kalmar DCE120, transportation from Germany to Saint-Petersburg, intra-port forwarding, customs clearance, further delivery to Vladivostok.